Michael Technologies, Inc.



Chlorine dioxide generation

The MTI Control Software & Hardware for Chlorine Dioxide Generation has been used to process over 1,600,000,000 Gallons of Water in the Oil & Gas Industry.   Our proprietary technology is used to precisely treat the bio-load at hand, eliminating costly over treating and ineffective under treating.
INTElligent adaptive control hardware/software

The MTI Intelligent Adaptive Control Hardware and Software becomes smarter the longer that it operates.  Through this technology, our controls have the ability to process unlimited points of measurement to red flag upcoming problems, determine operating points for machinery to run at maximum effectiveness and efficiency, and is able to generate ClO2 into water flow rates over 4,200 GPM at maximum effectiveness.  Our controls are completely plug & play to incorporate any water treatment technology in order to overcome any obstacles of water processing.
EXTREME HIGH FLOW self-cleaning water SEPARATION technology

The MTI High Flow Separation Technology has the ability to separate water at high flow rates to less than 10 Microns without ever interrupting flow.  Our systems are completely self-cleaning and automated through our Intelligent Adaptive Control Hardware and Software which in turn eliminates costly labor needed to change expensive filters and membranes.
REAL-TIME water analysis monitoring 

MTI has developed real-time water analysis monitoring that can be incorporated into any situation or industry. Some of the proprietary programs we currently offer are: Complete well pad monitoring of all variables of surface or contained water for the Oil & Gas industry, Real-time Phosphate & Nitrate monitoring for the Agriculture Industry, and Cooling Tower Controls / Software that monitors an entire system's pressures, flow rates and water analytics.